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I teach a Family Violence Intervention Program in Georgia. Last weekend the state came out to audit my class. I was very nervous about how it would turn out. I found a new way to teach the class that I had talked to the state about before. I was not sure how they would take this way of approaching the class. Turns out they love it. 

I was asked to give a presentation at the annual state conference on family violence. I us an approach call Compassionate Communication. In a nutshell it teaches people to recognize their needs and how the effect their emotions. It also helps see the needs of others and help them meet them. It is wonderful to have something I have worked so hard to learn and then implement in my classes be recognized and appreciated. 

On top of the presentation they would like me to do a one or two day class to help train other FVIP facilitators this approach. It is a great opportunity to gain greater creditable with the state and improve my business. Now I just need to write both of these lessons, the presentation and the training class. 

Wish me luck and I take what I have learned about how to find peace and happiness while meeting mine and others needs and teach this approach to others so they can help them as well. I just may be able to help a great many learn to find their own joy and contentment in their lives.