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I was the Monster!

Posted: June 26, 2015 in Personal Story
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When Chrissy told me we were going to have a baby I was so scared. I was worried that with my anger problems and the fact that I didn’t really know my father that I would be unable to be a father. Sure my step dad was great. He was able to show me what it meant to be a good man and a good father. He was however not the person I shared half my DNA with. The person who I get half of myself and there for is also part of my children.


I get angry.  Still to this day I will get angry and express it in an unhealthy way.  I may yell, throw things, or even slam doors.  Am I proud of these actions?  No.  Do I still do them from time to time?  Yep.  The worse part is I will from time to time do this to my children.  I love them but they can drive me crazy.  Here is the funny part even through all this they still love me.  They still get excited when I come home from work.  They will still cuddle up with daddy on the couch at night.


heart-650293_1280I love my children!  I tell myself this all the time.  They can be sweet, cuddly little joys at times.  Other times they make you long for calm and quite of the lower circles of hell.  I have two girls (3 and 4) and a boy (1) and they are the love of my life.  They mean the world to me.  I would do anything for them.  I don’t always like them though.