An Angry Man’s Journey Podcast Launches Soon

I am very excited to be launching a new podcast. In the coming weeks, I will bring a whole new way to share with you my journey. I have so many ideas for topics. I will have stories of my struggles, interviews with others about what they deal with and how they have found relief. I am looking to find experts in many fields that will help everyone find new and exciting ways to continue their own journey to being healthier, more fulfilled person.

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Join me on my journey

Hello my name is Matthew P. and I have an anger problem.  Sounds a bit like an AA meeting or something doesn’t it?  That’s because I believe anger is just like any other addiction.  I get a sort of high from the rush of adrenaline I would get from getting angry.  I felt I had to maintain constant control of my world or it would spin out of control and I would lose my grip on all those people it tried to control.

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