An Angry Man’s Journey Podcast Launches Soon

I am very excited to be launching a new podcast. In the coming weeks, I will bring a whole new way to share with you my journey. I have so many ideas for topics. I will have stories of my struggles, interviews with others about what they deal with and how they have found relief. I am looking to find experts in many fields that will help everyone find new and exciting ways to continue their own journey to being healthier, more fulfilled person.

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Finding Myself Again

The past several months have seen some great changes in both my personal and professional life. A business that I have spent a good 4 years of my life building had to be let go of. I have held a position in three different companies in the last year or so. I have felt that my whole life has been in transition for almost a year now.

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I Am Offended By Your Offense

pair-707500_1280I really wonder what has happened to this country of ours.  We are offended by everything.  Not only that, when we find something offensive we find it our duty to be loud and voice it to the world.  We have to make other fit into our idea of what is right and what people should do.  The world must be bland and vanilla so as not to offend anyone.  For only then will those who find fault with difference be happy.

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Is this my punishment for seeing the world so distorted?

Over the past year my life has changed a great deal.  In august of last year i had a 97% tear to the retina in my left eye. as well as two smaller tears in my right.  The doctors were able to repair the left.  This, however, has basically destroyed the vision in that eye.  I can see out of it but it is very bad with no real shape to anything or depth perception at all.  It has made it impossible to do the career I have built for myself in drafting.  So tomorrow I will be out of work on disability.

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Oh how a year can really change your life

My life feels like it has spun out of control lately.  I have had to deal with so much change over the course of the last couple years that I am having a hard time recognizing who I am anymore.  We bought a home to raise our children in back in 2013.  I thought this would be the start of our comfortable live together.  This meant, to me anyway, that we had found stability.  Then less than a year after that in August of 2014 that changed.  I had a major tear in my left retina, 97% tear!  Then there were two little tears that we caught in time in the right eye.  The doctor fixed them and I thought all would be fine.

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What my four year old taught me about empathy.

 This morning I dropped my oldest daughter off at school. Just before we got there a little girl was being dropped off by her mother. As her mother left she got upset and started to cry. She dropped an open box of snacks and they spilled out. The teacher asked her to please pick up the snacks so they could be put in the snack box for the class. This is when Piper, my daughter, looked at her with this love and caring in her eyes and said “Would you like me to help you?”  She then started to help her clean them up.

This made me realize a couple of things. First I must be doing something right with my children. Second how do so many of us lose this caring for others as we grow. We walk through our lives and see other struggle but never offer to help or listen to them for a moment. How much would it mean to someone who is going through some kind of pain, even if only short term, to know that someone cares.

On the day I have decided that when I grow up I want to be like my daughter!  I want to be there to help some one pick up a mess. I want to do it willingly and with no judgement as to why they are in that mess to begin with. I hope she never loses that compassion and love for all people. Maybe she can change the world one person at a time.

I was the Monster!

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When Chrissy told me we were going to have a baby I was so scared. I was worried that with my anger problems and the fact that I didn’t really know my father that I would be unable to be a father. Sure my step dad was great. He was able to show me what it meant to be a good man and a good father. He was however not the person I shared half my DNA with. The person who I get half of myself and there for is also part of my children.
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A Look at Another Area I Struggle With

i know this blog is about an angry man. I also know I want it to be about my personal struggles with all areas of my life. So to that I would like to share a personal struggle I deal with a great deal. It goes beyond my anger and control. It affects my self-esteem and my confidence. I try to hide the way I really feel by jokes and playing it off as no big deal. I am talking about my weight.

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I Take Myself Way Too Seriously 

One of my worse character flaws, as my wife will gladly tell you, is I take myself way to serious. I have a hard time loosening up and just being myself. I always feel this overwhelming need to put up a front. To have a facade for the world. I am afraid that if I show people who I truly am they will not like me. If they reject the facade then that is okay because they are not really rejecting me.

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