About Me

imageThis blog will focus on my personal struggle with anger and control.  I feel that this is just like any other addiction, it must be handled on a daily basis or it will overcome us.  I have worked on my anger problem since about 2009 after I was arrested for a very loud argument with my wife.  I am very fortunate that she has stuck by me through all the years of emotional and verbal abuse I put her through.  She is my rock and my reason to continue to work to improve myself every single day.  On this blog you will get to see that struggle through my eyes.  I will be very careful to not give too much personal info on others but you will get to read a great deal of my personal issues and fight.  I hope you enjoy and find this info useful as you realize you are not alone in your own fight with your demons of anger and control.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! 

 Also on a quick side note I am always open to the guest blog posts.  If you have a story about your struggle with anger and would like to share I would love to hear from you.  You can send it to me and I can post it anonymous or you can do a guest writing.

  1. I have a question for you: Did you feel guided at all by a higher power on your journey to self discovery? Having got past the anger you had bottled up all those years, do you now feel love more strongly than anger (which by the way comes from fear)/ Thank you for visiting and following my blog…I find yours very interesting. I also grew up in a war zone and it took years of self-discovery to get to a peaceful place.


    • Matthew P. says:

      Yes I did feel guided at times. I do still feel the anger has more hold then I would like. However the difference now is I make conscience decisions to not act on that anger in a unhealthy way.


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