I Am Offended By Your Offense

Posted: October 28, 2015 in Challenge
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pair-707500_1280I really wonder what has happened to this country of ours.  We are offended by everything.  Not only that, when we find something offensive we find it our duty to be loud and voice it to the world.  We have to make other fit into our idea of what is right and what people should do.  The world must be bland and vanilla so as not to offend anyone.  For only then will those who find fault with difference be happy.

I think it has gone to far when comedians have to apologize for making a joke.  Amy Schemer recently had to apologize for a joke she make about latino men.  Really!  Are we so sensitive that even those who are supposed to offend us, whose job it is to point out the flaws in us and not be political correct have to be PC and be bland and vanilla.

I have a new idea that would help solve all of our problems.  It is a really novel plan.  It may be difficult for so to do, however if we all could do this we could live a happy life and other could as well.  What is this idea?  If you do not like something do not take part in it.  If you do not like Halloween then don’t celebrate it.  Or if you do not like what goes on at a gay bar then don’t go there.

It is, however, not your job to stop those who enjoy those things that you do not from taking part in them.  if we all had the mind-set of “live and let live” and choose not to judge other based on the things they enjoy in their personal lives, wether it be the person they choose to be with, the religion they choose to practice, or the people the choose to hang to with.  Instead if we choose to see people as individuals,  see that as a whole person not just for the small parts that make them up, we would see how great those differences are.

The world needs a variety of flavor to make in fun.  if we stop something just because it could offend someone, somewhere what are we left with?  Nothing!


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