Doing Nothing is Not an Option

Posted: May 22, 2015 in Personal Story
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I was at the neurologist last week or so and we were talking about how to attack this problem with my vision and the pressure on the brain. He was laying out the different courses of action. I guess he could see my fear and apprehension about the whole thing. In that moment he said something that didn’t really hit me how true it was. He said “Doing nothing is not an option.”  This is something that I think applies to much of our lives.

As I posted in an earlier blog post I am very scared of the unknown. I am dealing with a great deal of unknown currently. I know that something must change for me to not lose all my vision as well as be able to support my family.

I put in a resume for a different position within the company I currently work for. One that would allow me to work with high schoolers who have problems and on the verge of dropping out or expulsion.  I thought I would be perfect for this. I work with people who have anger and other issues in my business. So this was a great chance to do the same in my forty hour job.

However I was called this morning and told I was not going to be considered because I had no previous supervisor experience on my resume. This was a hard blow to take.

Now I am left standing and wondering what to do next. Do I keep looking for a new position in my current company, do I look at a new position in a different company, do I go back to school and get an education to be better suited to a new position, or do I do nothing and hope for the best. I just am not sure.

I called my wife and she then reminded me of what the doctor said last week. Doing nothing is not an option! I have to make a choice and go. If not then I make a choice of inaction and still deal with the consequences of that choice.

This is something that I see so many struggle with. We know we need to make a decision but are scared to make a wrong one. So in that fear we choice to do nothing. This is a choice on its own however. This is one where we have no input on the outcome. We are just passengers along for the ride. No input on where it goes or how it gets there.

I want to take the option of nothing off the table. I want that to not be a choice in our list of options.  It can be a struggle to make a choice at times.  We just have to do the best we can with the information we have at that time.  Then dive head first into that decision.  Attack it with the mentality of hoping for the best but plan for the worst.  If that turns out to not work then switch to plan B with the same level of passion as we attacked plan A.

In this way we give each option the best chance of success.  I have to apply this knowledge to my current situation and know that whatever choice I make must be attacked with all my strength and passion I have.  THis is a real challenge for me but one I must be up for.  If not then I leave the future up to actions outside of myself.  There’s no telling how that will work out.  I want to make the choice that I have at least some influence over.  Because “Doing nothing is not an option!”

  1. Loren McCune says:

    As usual, great food for thought with several memorable lines. I believe the future is always affected by actions outside ourselves. Thank God.

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