Are you successful?

Found this and thought it was a great read. I want to share this in hopes that others can learn this valuable lesson.


By David Joel Miller.

What is success and how would you know if you were successful?

Successful children Being Successful
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Success is a slippery thing to catch hold of. When you say successful, most people think first of how much money someone makes. Money and success are not synonymous. Think about all those famous people, actors and musicians, that had the fame and the money but their life still ended up a disaster.

A few readers have responded to some past posts about success by telling me they did not care about being success because they were not all about money. In my thinking money and success are not the same thing, but for some people the thinking link between these two ideas is so strong they equate pursuing a goal other than money as not wanting to be “successful.” Some folks just can’t imagine being…

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