Be the Change You Want to See

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Quote
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There is a great Mahatma Gandhi quote that say, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  This is such a great way to see things. We all spend so much time complaining about what is wrong with the world, other people, or ourselves. It is very difficult to put in the time and effort it requires to make real change. Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if we could though?

This is an idea that I have worked so hard to live by. I, at one time, was all complaints with no real want to change. I hated so much about the world around me. My job sucked, my wife worked 80 plus hours a week, and I had no friends. Was I willing to make a change to myself to change my situation? Absolutely not!

It is so much easier to just complain about our lot in life or the world around us. I was comfortable with the enemy I knew. I may have hated things but at least I knew what to except. If I started to make a change what would that bring. I have a weird mix of fear of change and hatred of stagnation. If you think that is not a challenge for me you would be mistaken.

To be that change we want to see means we must take a leap of faith. We must jump into a deep, dark pit where we are not sure what will happen. It can be terrifying to make that leap. I am walking, talking proof that it can be great if we are open to what may come.

For many years I was afraid to open up and let anyone in.  This included my wife.  I held her at a distance.  I kept the real me hidden.  This made it an easy task to control her.  Then when I had to attend and anger management class in 2009 I had to lean to let go of this control.  I had to change.

To do this meant I had to take that leap of faith.  It was a scary thing.  What if I open up and she doesn’t accept the real me?  What if she finds the person I really am boring?  What if we just are not comparable?  All this ran through my head as I Knew I needed to take that leap.  So even with all this going on I took that first step.  I let her in a little.  You know what none of my fears came true.  I was free to be that change I wanted to see.

Now in my classes I model this as best I can.  I am by no means perfect.  I still struggle, I still find a reason to hide behind my armor.  The real change is that now I can see this and make a real effort to stop this behavior.  As I tell the people in my classes, it will not be easy, it may not always be fun but it can be done.  If your are unhappy with the world around then there is one solution, Be the change you want to see in the world!


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